India: #nofilter

I spent some unnecessary time these last four months worrying about what the ideal abroad experience is supposed to look like. Similar to how friends and family tell us as we leave for college, “These will be the best four years of your LIFE!!!” I find that people say the same thing about leaving for study […]

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This last week marked the final days of my India study abroad program, but apparently I just can’t get enough as I’m still here !! My parents arrived in India a week and a half ago and have been traveling through Northern India before their eventual meet-up with me this last Sunday. To call them superhuman would […]

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Let me count the ways.

How do I love thee, Agra? Let me count the ways. I love that you exceed expectations. I feel that we (speaking for you as well, dear reader) as tourists build up great wonders to the point that the real thing can do nothing but disappoint us. It’s a phenomenon we all know too well. […]

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just a thought

I have been thinking too much. It’s gotten to this dangerous point in which my thoughts feel like a knotted coil of yarn. You know, one of those knots where you pull on the free ends to try to break up the tangled mess, but instead tighten it to the point where it is irretrievable? That’s surely […]

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when things get complicated

As I finally — with three weeks left in the semester — began to get a grip on living in India (haggling, rickshaw-riding, navigating, research project interviewing), Varanasi decided to mix things up on me. The first being, I have no idea how to get around this city. Confession: I’ve been meaning to go shopping […]

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101 Street Dogs (no dalmatians yet)

Different people come from different places; unsurprisingly, different dogs come from different places too. To assist you in your understanding of India’s 101+ stray dogs, you may find below a handbook designed to guide your discovery of and experience with these canine friends. Delhi Awarded: Most Sophisticated Strengths: Picture taken at Humayun’s tomb. Not only is […]

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